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(I have used these programs - totally free, no hidden catches or malware)
eg. Over half-a-million legitimate website have suffered 'SQL Injection Attacks'. Just Visiting these websites can result in a "Drive-By" Computer VIRUS Infection! 
Click: - then location 'at home'
 ADSL 'Broadband' Explained 
INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDER (ISP)  The Company you Contract for Internet Access, usually for a Monthly Fee.
ADSL 1  Broadband is available most places for approx $30/$40 per month for a Speed of 1.5mbs (kilobits per second)...
ADSL 2+  (Speeds Up to 18mbs, operational in many exchanges incl. Leeton   (up to 12 times faster than the popular 1.5mbs ADSL 1)
EXCESS  There is usually an 'Included Download Limit' in Megabytes (MB) or Gigabytes (GB). The Catch is in the 'Excess' Charges! Some ISP's have Charged 15 cents per MB (1,000 MB = 1 GB) that equals $150 per GB!  Compared to a going rate of $1 per GB, that's 1,500% more! and in my opinion unconscionable conduct by those companies. Many friends have been caught with
MY ADVICE  Shop around..!  Compare..!  You could be Amazed..!
Find Plans:  (ie. Australian Broadband Choice)
(Note: 1,000 MB = 1 GB - Quoting Excess Charges in MB is the Dialup Era)
I Don't Recommend Signing 2-3 years Contracts: Prices are Competitive
and Change, you can get Contracts for only 6 months! and monthly!
You can easily get 5+ GB per month for $30/$40 per month, & Excess Fees should be less than $3 per GB. (typically around $1 per GB)
If they give you 200-400MB included per month, then Go Elsewhere!
Excess Charges per GB is the go... Charging per MB is a Rip-Off..!
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If you have Windows XP you should have SP3 installed by now & be regularly updating, and also have IE8 installed for improved functions & better security.
Ensure your Computer receives Regular Updates from 'Microsoft Update' (Free) AND make sure that you Regularly Update both your Anti-Virus / Anti-Spyware (Many Programs eg. AVG, Avast, Ad-Aware, Spybot have Free versions)
INTERNET HOME PAGE  Internet Explorer
This is the opening "Home" page of your "Internet" when you click the icon.
A Simple Fast Website to load and use is:  click to try it!
To save this setting, click 'Tools' > 'Internet Options'  > check/enter your
'Home Page' as:   -   then click apply/ok.
If you are on Dial-Up OR Broadband, it's fast to load..!
for ADSL Broadband (on a decent plan!) it's not so critical.
The easiest way to navigate a Map is to place your Mouse on the Map, the Cursor will change to a 'Hand', then Left-Click & Hold on the Map (the hand will grab) then DRAG the Map to where you want & Release (repeat as needed). Use the Scroll-Wheel on the Mouse to ZOOM In & Out... Much Easier..!
If a page is incorrect or has old information, your 'temp' files may need 'updating'.
- Click Refresh Refresh at the top of Your Web Browser. 
- or Press  Ctrl (and) F5  at the same time.
This forces your Browser to get the Newest Version of your Page.
You may also need to Delete your Browsers History "Cache" as below.
NB.  For Highest Security in Internet Explorer, I recommend you "Regularly"...
- Click > Tools / Safety (IE7-IE10) > Delete Browsing History > Delete All > 
- Also > (IE7) Select 'Delete Info in Add-ins' > Then Click "YES".
ALWAYS do this if you are using a Public Computer!  (eg. Internet Cafe)
for Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc. Try it: Take the Acid3 Test
It should look like this:
Test Results by NetRex on 22.12.2012
Desktop: Internet Explorer 8=22% - Internet Explorer 10=100%
Desktop: Firefox 10.01=100% - Chrome 17.0=100% - Chrome 23.0=100%
Mobile Smartphone: Android 2.33=95%         More Info here: Wikipedia-Acid3