INFO - Your Website EASY    
Putting YOUR Business on the Internet?
It's not as simple as "Whack up a Website" and watch the dollars roll in...
If you're serious about getting a return for your on-line investment, you'll approach your "Internet Branch" Business with the same effort you'd put into another "bricks-and-mortar" outlet.
Don't know a Domain Name from a Web Server?
This is aimed at someone with little knowledge of the Internet.
The more you use the Internet, the more valuable a business tool it becomes.
However, for Other People to find information about you...
You need "Your Own Website" for them to look at..!
These Web Pages are your "Electronic Ads"...
They are working for you 24 hrs/day 365 days/year...
providing useful details about your products and/or services.
Paid "Website Name" = Registered "Domain Name"        =   Global  -  anyone can have   .com   =   Australia - need ACN/ABN
Free "Website Name"  
ugly???  and how are people going to find your website???
Update Dec 7 2012
Google Apps for Business: New Website-Hosting is now $50/User/Year
HOW do you get all this Stuff Done?
I Organise: Domain Name Registration, DNS Delegation, etc.
with Low-Cost (or) Local Web Server & Email Server (each have benefits)...
I Design: Your Website, Graphics and Pages,
I Upload: Your Website Code and Files to the Server.
I Test: Your Website and Register Your Website with Google Search.
One-Time-Build Website approx $300-$800 per Website: depends on how complex, number of pages, graphics, features, fancy=more, simple=less
Make it easy on yourself, arrange a suitable time for a quick chat
about Your Requirements - phone or email 
Regards, Rex Vogele
 INFO - More Detail if you like  
Domain, Servers, Design, Code, Upload, Test, Search...
Register a ".com"
 - Your Own Domain Name from AU $12 per year,
along with Low-Cost Web Hosting & Free Email at your Domain Name!
Register a "" - Australian Domains Names too... and Australian Servers
at much Lower Costs than the $$$ in the FYI article below!
Building Your Website - at much Lower Costs than typical too!
Promotion - Once your site is going, you've got to get people there!
The easiest way to do that is Effective, Cheapest & Simplest..!   ie.
Make sure you include your 'URL' (website-address) in absolutely everything you send out from your business:
email, letterheads, with compliments slips, invoices, statements, business cards, advertising materials, brochures, sign-writing, etc..!
Updating Your Website - Recommend when needed, or for better Search-Ranking.
Do you know What's Involved?
Your Website is important Signage and Adds Credibility to Your Business.
There are FIVE basics:
1. Domain Name:  Website Name Registration       - 1 or 2 yearly cost
2. Host Servers:  Delegation / Server / Email          - mthly/yearly cost
3. Website Content & Design:  Search Ranking      - one-time cost
4. Search Engine Registration:  So 'Google' can find your Website!
5. Maintain & Update Website:  Relevant & Changing Info, Indexing
The Summary Below is provided purely For Your Info, or Shock!
FYI - Australian Internet Article about Typical Website Costs in 2007
$999 Basic Package "Solution"
Domain Registration: maximum $70 yearly 
Server Rental: maximum $700 yearly 
Site Design: average $750 once only 
Promotion: allow $200 yearly in your budget 
Updating: allow from $250 yearly if you can't yourself 
Don't forget your monthly internet access fee from work/home computer,
this easily adds $300+ each year you need to budget for.
All up, in the first year, the "average" small business could pay between $1500 to $2270 to get their business (and themselves) connected to the Internet.
In the 2nd year & after reducing to around $1000 - $1500 per year